A downloadable game for Windows

I hate coming up with titles and it's 2am so fight me.

What is happening

Aliens have decided to invade your tiny island because they are mean. You don't have any weapons but luckily you bound your soul to some cards and now you can throw them real good. You have to have at least one at all times in your hand or you will die of a heart attack.

Defend your home until you can't (there's no real winning)
your computer may start to struggle if you stay alive long enough.


WASD - move

space - jump

hold left click - charge throw

release left click - throw card

Fun facts and credits

This whole thing is kinda just me experimenting more with Godot. I hope you notice and appreciate the functioning menus (including settings wow) and pausing.

I actually just used dalle mini (now called craiyon) to create a bunch of textures for this game. It worked surprisingly well and I recommend giving it a go.

All of the 3d models are from https://quaternius.com/ (great site check it out)

Audio all came from freesound.org

Game was made in Godot (my beloved ♥) with the help of a hand dandy terrain addon by Zylann https://github.com/Zylann/godot_heightmap_plugin

Also I probably stole a bunch of other stuff but I can't remember right now and I need sleep.

Oh and that is my actual hand btw.


LubTubGubDub.zip 22 MB

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